Sunny Miami!

Birthday Girl

I normally don't do much for my birthday, but #lastyear my niece and I went down to #Miami.

It was definitely a good time.

Enjoy some of the #pictures we took.

Water Front View from the 34th Floor!

The view from our Airbnb condo was love! I will wake up at 5:00am every morning during our stay,quietly sneak into the kitchen make some coffee and head out to the balcony to watch the sun come out. It was quite an awesome experience.


I'm was born and raised in #SierraLeone and I've also lived in three other african countries (Ghana,Guinea and Gambia), but the level of humidity in Miami on this day was not my friend.

I almost passed out on our way back. Our cell phones were not charged, we had to walk almost 30 minutes looking for a cab and clearly had too much clothes on (pic 3). My Niece was laughing at me being dramatic..smh 😂😂 #goodtimes

Cover Up: F21XME •

Swimwear: Fashion Nova x Forever21 •

Beach Hat: Forever21•

Photograph: C. Randall and VZ

♥ Buy the look



Still get hungry just looking at this! 😋

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