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Updated: Jun 2

I'm not gonna lie, I do spend unnecessary amount of money on #accessories. In my defense, I do put $20 aside every paycheck to buy an "expensive" accessory for myself at the end of the year. I gotta reward myself for my hardwork.#selflove

When it comes to clothes, I shop from everywhere, I'm low-key a professional deal hunter. I 've been dressing myself since I was 5 years old, whether my weight was up or down my personal style hasn't really changed much. I get so flattered when strangers stop me in public settings to give me compliment on my #personalstyle or ask for #styling advise.

I'm the worst to #shop with. I'm indecisive and im a bit of a visualist. Everything happens in my head first, before it comes to life.

I'm pretty sure we're all familiar with this print. Like duh, it was all over #IG in 2018. I bought these for my #birthdayvacation, shipping too so long it never got to me in time. Both pieces are the same print, but from different online stores on sale. Details below.

Cover Up by: Pretty Little Thing • Necklace: Shopzv • Photographer: VZ

♥ Cover Up :

♥ Pant : ♥ Necklace :

♥ Sunglasses :

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