Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Hey guys, happy New Year again!!! ☺️

Welcome to my #personalblog.

I have 0 idea what I'm doing here, but #YOLO.

2019 have been long and it's only February 5th. Whelp!


I'm definitely not a writer, so let's not make this awkward. I'm here for the photo share and to showcase my #personalstyle .

My personal style has evolved through out the years. Lately, I'm aiming for sexy meets classy. I've always dress according to my mood, some days I wanna look like a Lady with style and grace and there are days, a regular hobo will do. Balance! My closet is just like my life, a lot of highs and lows. Bougie on a budget always!!!!

Still learning, send HELP!!


Duster by: Missguided • Photographer: VZ #2017

♥ Buy the look

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